24h in the never-sleeping city of Israel

Discovering local markets, catching the sunrise, watching the sun set or staying up all night at parties will help you feel the whole life of Tel Aviv.

24h stop in the place known as "the city does not sleep", you will have memorable moments.

Tel Aviv attracts visitors with rustic and bold Middle Eastern neighborhoods.


Early afternoon is the best time to start exploring this city with the ideal starting point is Allenby, King George, Shenkin, Nahlat Binymain and Marmel markets. Walking around this area, you can shop for many local gifts and remember to bargain.

Guests should also sample some of the typical dishes here. One of these is the Yemenite Quarter restaurant with a list of native menus of Yemenis. The most commonly recommended dish is hummans - a local pâté.

Apart from the above restaurant, you still have many other options at the intersection of Yehya Kapah and Yishkon streets. There are many family-style eateries and delicious cooking methods.


After “resuscitating” with local delicacies, you can visit the Neve Tzedek area to shop and enjoy the ice cream. Unlike markets with souvenirs, this place is packed with fashion boutiques and also the most luxurious real estate in the city.

Shabazi - the main street here is always crowded with business activities. Along the two sides of the road are also beautiful buildings, shops, museums.


In addition to expensive luxury items, you can also visit the Jaffa second hand market - where many beautiful and exclusive items, from clothing to accessories, furniture. But when you get tired of shopping, visit the Bodies Exhibition and learn about the evolution and change of people with new approaches. Whatever you do, remember to take a break at an outdoor bar called Vicky Cristina to relax for a moment.


In the old town of Jaffa, amidst winding alleys is the opportunity to explore a whole new world. You can visit the Hebrew Hebrew Theater or Gesher to admire the architectural beauty here.

Many indigenous people also think that the journey in Tel Aviv will not be complete without skipping the Nalaga’s Center - a bustling place with activities to support the hearing or the blind. For example, at the Blackout restaurant, all meals are served in the dark while at Kapish cafe, waiters often communicate in sign language with patrons. These places also regularly organize exchanges and performances of the blind, dumb and deaf people, creating a close community.

The small, winding, paved roads in the old town in Tel Aviv often fascinate many tourists. Photos: 500px.


In the afternoon, the sun began to soften and the light shifted to the right time to enjoy the sunset. Jaffa viewpoint is a great place to see the whole city is dubbed "no sleep".

When night falls, life in this place really starts and is very bustling in bars. Barby Club is the place that many tourists prefer the most thanks to the impressive performances. In addition, other bars are equally bustling and interesting, including Bugsy Bistro Bar, Mezcal Tequila Bar & Mexican food, Norma Jean and Sublime.


When you are no longer interested in the bar atmosphere, you can return to Jaffa and come to the seaport, breathe the fresh air, visit a bar called Container to have dinner and listen to the music and songs by you. Live music shows.


The nightlife in this city is quite vibrant with many bustling clubs and parties. This factor makes Tel Aviv almost no night. In addition to the clubs you visit, you can explore the world of gay people in the radio.E.P.G.B bar and mingle with the fun tunes performed by these DJs.


Away from parties, lights, and sounds, take a walk and watch the peaceful city at 3am. Gan Yaakov - a park in the middle of Habima theater, Mann hall and contemporary art gallery Helena Rubenstein Pavilion is the perfect place for the slow pace of life now.


After a sleepless night, you should take a break and have an early breakfast to ensure your health, and at the same time catch the dawn. The Brasserie restaurant can be a good suggestion because it often gets busy from 4:30 onwards.

At 5am, walk to the sea and watch the new rays of the day gradually appear. You can also rent a bike at Tel-O-Fun store and explore the harbor.


In the early morning, the lazy act of lying down to rest is a good way to relax. For a more enjoyable experience, you can go to Park Hayarkon Park, rent a canoe and relax along the river with your companions.

When hungry, the Dizengoff neighborhood is a suggestion for visitors with a variety of diverse dishes, rich local and other countries around the world.


Before leaving this city, you should take a tour around and see the buildings and architecture here. In addition to the title of "night city", Tel Aviv also has the name "white city" thanks to the Bauhaus-style diversity (originating from Germany, literally high-rise building, emphasizing the role of white and Rusticness in the construction perspective).

On Dizengoff Street, there is also a gallery called “Paris exploring Tel Aviv” which is only open every Thursday and is worth a visit.

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