48 hours of discovering 'Maldives Vietnam'

KHANH HOA: Binh Hung Island is sunny, windy and clear blue water, is an ideal destination for a short summer vacation.

24-year-old blogger Maria Tuyen with her friend made a trip to Binh Hung Island (Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa) earlier this year. Passionate about new lands, Tuyen quit her job in medicine and became a travel blogger since early 2019. Binh Hung trip is not long and before going, Tuyen found that going by herself would be quite expensive and not to come. Many places should choose to buy a local tour, the time of 2 days 1 night costs 1.5 million / person. Here are the sharing and suggestions of Tuyen.

Binh Hung is one of three islands (Tam Binh) of Cam Ranh deep-water bay, Khanh Hoa province. Binh Hung Island is also known as Hon Ty or Hon Chut. Tam Binh is the common name for the islands located in the deep-water bay of Binh Ba, Binh Hung (Khanh Hoa) and Binh Tien beach (Ninh Thuan).

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City or neighboring provinces, it is possible to take a sleeper bus from the night before until the next morning to arrive. Tuyen in Hanoi should choose the plane because it is the fastest and most economical, but due to booking tickets near the date of departure, the round trip ticket for 2 people costs nearly 5 million VND.

From Hanoi center to Noi Bai airport by taxi costs 220,000 VND / one way. After 2 hours of flight, you are at Cam Ranh airport to get on the bus to Bai Kinh. The 50 km long road through provincial road 702 is one of the most beautiful sea routes in Vietnam. Tuyen said, "The feeling of walking in the middle of a winding mountain cliff, on one side of the blue sea is very exciting."

7h30: Breakfast fish cake is very delicious and strange mouth. The broth here is sweet, fried fish cakes are suitable for many people.

8:00: Transfer by canoe to Ba Bong beach (in Binh Lap). This beach has the longest and widest sandy beach in the area, the water level here is not deep and is an area where people can swim without wearing a life jacket. The sea water in Ba Bong beach is so clear and clear that it can be seen to the bottom.

9h00: Struggling in Bai Ba Bong is not enough, Tuyen and you continue to canoe to Binh Tien beach. The sea here is like Ba Bong beach, the water is clear, not deep but the thing that makes Tuyen most impressive is the wild and pure beauty that creates a sense of comfort and lightness. If you have a lot of time, you should come in the early morning or sunset, because taking photos or walking on the white sand beach is great.

10h30: Because of the tired bathing in the beach, Tuyen and you decided to go back to the house to rest, prepare for lunch. However, you have a lot of health, please take advantage of the time to experience kayaking while watching the sea creatures swimming beneath the clear blue water.

11h00: Lunch with pre-arranged tour menu. Most of them are fresh local seafood such as: fried red snapper, sour soup with cobia, black tiger shrimp, fried squid ...

12h30: Go back to the room to rest, take a shower and prepare for the afternoon schedule.

15h00: Take the tram to visit AnHill and Bai Egg resorts. In fact, before the tour had an additional stop is the Honut lighthouse, but currently the lighthouse management is banning visitors. Tuyen shared, some tours in Binh Hung include tickets to attractions and are more expensive than 100,000 VND, there are also tours without tickets, so pay attention when choosing a tour. With many miniatures like swing, 7-color wooden bridge with beautiful sea view, AnHill is a place where you can unleash your creativity to have a shimmering "virtual life" set.

16h00: Visit Egg Beach located near Hon Chut lighthouse, which is also a place for taking beautiful and quality photos This is a no bathing beach. The first impression when coming to Eggs beach is that people will see a huge, big and round rock like a dinosaur's egg. The way to Egg Beach is a bit steep but easy to go, if you wear a maxi skirt, pay attention to pull up the skirt to avoid torn trees.

17:30: Have seafood BBQ dinner at the raft. Tuyen and her guide, who are also local people, took to the raft. Hand-catching and processing his dinner on the floating waves is also an experience that made Tuyen excited on the first day of traveling to Binh Hung. The menu includes a lot of seafood such as green lobster, seafood porridge, her breast snail, moon snail, crab, oysters, scallops, sea jars ...

7h00 - 7h30: In the morning of Tuyen and you get up early to catch the sunrise on the beach and go for breakfast market.

8:00: Go to canoe to Bai Me to visit, bathe and take pictures. Around the beach are beautiful view cliffs for check-in photography. In addition, Bai Me also has many starfish, when taking pictures with starfish you remember to keep them underwater. If picked up, take a quick picture then drop it, to avoid starving the sea.

9h00: Visiting Da Diep Bay and Deep Cave, where there are nests to nest. But because Tuyen came too big waves, it was not safe for scuba diving, so her guide took her to Hon Mui to dive to see coral. People will be equipped with life jackets, diving goggles. For people who are near or cannot swim, do not worry, because the guide will accompany support, only help the segment with beautiful corals. Note, you should wear swimming shoes when diving to avoid foot bleeding if you step on corals.

10h30: Go to the bathroom and clean the furniture.

11h30: Go to the raft to eat the last lunch in Binh Hung. The menu for lunch is equally attractive with fish salad, squid fried rice, seafood hotpot, steamed snails, steamed squid with rice paper and fruit dessert.

13h00 - 13h30: Depart for Thai An vineyard, Ninh Thuan. Here people will enjoy honey and wine and the ripe fruits are picked directly from the trees. There is no entrance fee for the garden, but you can buy gifts to bring back farmers like fresh grapes, wine or grape honey. If you want to buy fresh grapes, ask the garden owner for a basket to pick the fruits themselves.

15:00: Visit Rai Cave. The cave is named after a long-lived otter here. What impressed Tuyen the most was that the cliffs had a very special shape, as if you were on the surface of another planet. Walking on the cliffs is very slippery, so pay attention during photoshoot.

15:30: Check-in with Suoi Tien sheep field. On the way to Cam Ranh airport, Tuyen and you have to visit the last stop in the tour schedule for 2 days 1 night. Suoi Tien sheep field has about 100 sheep, you can come here to pick up young sheep, play with them or feed them grass. Surrounding the sheep, there are also cute miniatures like tables, chairs, stilted houses, swings ... all creating very "virtual" living angles.

16h30: Get on the bus to the airport to Hanoi, end the journey to discover the 2-day-1-night tour of Binh Hung Island.

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