In autumn, Y Ty not only has ripe rice and golden tourism

LAO CAI - Visitors can learn about the life of Ha Nhi people in the typical roofs, hunt for sea of ​​clouds and check-in at border gate, Y Ty park ...

Hunting for golden season
In the early days of September, Manh Tien Khoi (1993) had a 2 day 1 night trip to Y Ty. Although the trip was short, Khoi enjoyed a lot of experiences in Y Ty - which is famous for mountain bows. The first day, Khoi departed from Sa Pa to Muong Hum to check-in Muong Hum heaven gate, Dragon waterfall (Bach Long waterfall) at Trung Ho Low village, Trung Leng Ho commune.
The picture is Khoi (right) and Mr. A Ho, a Mong ethnic man who used to be a porter to lead mountaineers, now develop homestay services, rice sightseeing tours ...

On the way to the homestay in Y Ty, people also stopped to watch the streams, terraced fields and old forest along the way at Sàng Ma Sao, Den Sang. Nearly the first 2 weeks of September have passed, rice in many places in Y Ty has ripe and local people also reap gradually to avoid storms.

Ripe golden rice carpet spread throughout the streets to attract visitors. The rice in Y Ty has now harvested quite a lot and only scattered until the end of this week is through the most beautiful time.

Hunting sea of ​​white clouds
Y Ty is located at an altitude of over 2,000 m, his back leaning against the Nhìu Co San mountain range and a peak of 2,660 m, almost all year round. Homestay Cloud Y Ty, Ngai Thau Thuong, Y Ty Park ... are some places for you to stop to watch the sea of ​​clouds. Traveling, no one expects rain, but in Y Ty, if it rains after one night, the next day will be filled with white clouds, the mountain panorama turns into a fairyland.

On the afternoon of the first day, Khoi was guided by a local local to Ngai Thau Thuong to watch the clouds and the sunset fell. The majestic and vast scenery of the sea of ​​clouds makes everyone excited. Y Ty clouds appear all year round, but the best time to hunt for clouds is usually at the end of the year, around October to March next year.

Homestay in homestay
Although not as developed as other locations, Y Ty currently has a number of motels and homestays built by local people to serve tourists. In case there are too many places to sleep, you can ask for the help of the border post or bring a tent, but bring a sleeping bag and warm clothes because at night Y Ty is very cold. Recommended homestay spots for guests to Y Ty are: A Co, Y Ty Clouds, A Ho, Co Si, Discovery, Xa Ha Nhi ...
The picture is a private room in 2 - 3 people at homestay A Ho. Here, the price for a house on stilts is 100,000 VND / night, a private room is 300,000 - 400,000 VND / night.

Eat local specialties
Khoi said, right at the homestay you can order rice with specialties such as hill chicken, forest vegetables, sour bamboo shoots ... processed in many different ways, so the menu is quite attractive. Especially, the grilled chicken is marinated with indigenous spices to create a different taste. During the 2 days and 1 night trip, Khoi booked the tour with meals included.

Learn about local life
Come to Y Ty, you can always meet ethnic children gathering and playing on the roads to the village. The children are shy and very cute. Over time, you should also visit the Ha Nhi village with its unique walled houses built on the ground, the walls are made of clay, 40-40 cm thick, 4 - 5 m high. If you have time, go to Y Ty fair to see a little bustling atmosphere in this highland.

Check-in Y Ty park
Day 2, before returning to Sa Pa in the afternoon, Khoi followed Y Ty - Choan Card - Thien Sinh Bridge - Tong Con Suat Forest - Sa Pa. And Cho Than Village with the park at the end of the road is the first stop.
"Y Ty Park" is a favored name of both locals and tourists when referring to the land at the end of the road through Choan Than village. This place is the ideal place to watch clouds, attracting many photographers and tourists to cloud hunting. Standing from these two ancient trees, you can see the terraced fields in the border area. On a clear day, you will see the roofs of Ha Nhi village hidden in the clouds. Local children often play here and you can have fun and chat with them.

Check-in Thien Sinh Bridge, landmark 87
Thien Sinh Bridge is located at the end of Lao Chai village, nearly 10 km from the center of Y Ty commune. According to the language of the Ha Nhi ethnic group, the bridge is named Thien San Shu, meaning "heaven born". The bridge is only one meter long, formerly a natural rock over a deep ravine, below is Lung Po stream.

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