Life inside the coldest town in the world

In the winter, the town of Oymyakon (Russia) has a night of up to 21 hours and the average temperature is minus 50 degrees Celsius.

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Oymyakon is a small town in Sakha Republic, northeastern Russia. With an average temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius during the winter months, this is the coldest place in the world to live. In 1933, the record low temperature here was recorded as minus 67.7 degrees Celsius. Photo: Insider.

The town was established between 1920 and 1930, initially as a stop for reindeer shepherds to the hot spring in the winter. Therefore, the town's Russian name is translated as "the water that never freezes". According to Insider, the current population of Oymyakon is about 500 people. Photo: Reuters.

Oymyakon post offices, banks, even airports - usually operate in warm weather with small airplanes capable of carrying up to 12 passengers. Schools only close if the temperature drops to -52 degrees Celsius. Photo: Illya Varlamov.

Everyday, the lives of people are normal as many parts of the world. All activities stopped only when the temperature dropped to minus 58 degrees C. Photo: Reuters.

In the winter, everything in Oymyakon can be frozen quickly, from car engines, traffic lights, clothes ... to the hair or eyelashes of the people here. Photo: Insider.

The water pipes in the town often froze, so the locals had to build bathrooms and open toilets. Photo: Amos Chapple.

In extreme weather conditions, the crops cannot grow. Therefore, the diet of the people is mainly reindeer meat or horse meat, fish and frozen food.

In addition, to combat the cold, they often use a drink called Russki chai or Russian tea, cooked from sliced ​​fruits, cinnamon, four-leaf clover. Above is a fish stall in a farmer's market in Oymyakon. Photo: Insider.

Winter in Oymyakon is long and harsh, but there is still a warm summer in June, July and August. At this time, the outdoor temperature can reach 35 degrees C. Photo: Insider.

During the last days of winter in March, people organize the "extreme cold" festival. Here, visitors can enjoy exciting celebrations with music, dances of indigenous people, or experience interesting activities such as ice fishing, reindeer racing, rickshaw riding and rewarding. culinary food. Photo: Alex Cheban.

To get to the town of Oymyakon, visitors have to travel by car 2 days from the city of Yakutsk, along the Kolyma motorway, also known as Xuong road. To ensure the engine does not freeze, the vehicles must keep running, even when stopped. Along the way there are many gas stations open 24/24, each employee here only works 2 weeks a month. Photo: Pinterest.

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