Nice destinations in the region of 'first place tea' Thai Nguyen

Besides tea hills, Thai Nguyen also has a waterfall that appears only when it rains and Nui Coc lake with dozens of large and small islands.

Westerners herds buffaloes and fishes in Thai Nguyen village
Thai Nguyen and things not many people know

Thai Nguyen is the second largest tea growing area in Vietnam, with an area of ​​up to 20,000 hectares and is divided into nine main regions. Tea products here are mainly produced by manual methods, according to household size.

In some tea hills such as Xinjiang and Cau River, tourists can experience with locals collecting, processing and enjoying tea. In order to create a delicious cup of tea, the tea buds must be harvested early in the morning, undergoing a series of processes such as withering, crumbling, stars with the secrets of each region.

Areas visited by many tourists for its beautiful scenery and famous tea quality include Xinjiang, La Bang, Cau and Trang Xa tea farms. Above is a couple taking a wedding photo at Trang Xa tea fields.

Located about 16 km to the center of Thai Nguyen city to the west, Nui Coc lake attracts tourists thanks to its peaceful beauty. This place is an artificial lake of 25 km2 in width, associated with many legends, notably the love story of Cong and guy Coc, a person leaving tears flowing into a river and a person waiting to turn into a mountain.

Nui Coc Lake has 89 islands, large and small. Visitors can take a boat to visit the islands, admire the lake, explore the 200-year-old house with many valuable relics on Nui Cai Island, Thac Vang Pagoda complex ... or have fun in the water park. summer.

Nam Rut waterfall in Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district. This waterfall is named after the Tay language, meaning "Rainfall". The waterfall is special because it only pours water when it rains, with rushing currents from a height of 30 m into the Shen Sa River below.

Located about 3 km away from the Rain Falls is Than Sa waterfall, which consists of the main waterfall and two auxiliary waterfalls on the sides, only appearing during the rainy season.

View of early morning in a forest in Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen. Tran Doan Huy, the author of the photo series, said: “Visitors should wake up to catch the first rays of the new day, wading through the cool stream between the pristine mountains. The sound of flowing streams, birds and cool breeze make the journey to discover Vo Nhai strangely attractive ”.

Cua Tu stream originates from the Tam Dao mountains and flows into the highland of Hoang Nong commune, Dai Tu district and then flows into the Cong river. Contrary to the name, this stream brings a peaceful feeling amidst the wilderness of surrounding forests and mountains. Visitors here can breathe fresh air, watching the ancient trees and butterflies fluttering around.

Discovering Cua Tu stream, tourists also come across smaller waterfalls on both sides of the road. The journey is about 10 km of mountainous roads, tourists who want to experience should contact the tour organizing units or local people to ensure safety.

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