Rules to know when visiting Muslim countries

Wearing discreet clothes, not using your left hand as well as expressing excessive affection in public are things to remember when traveling to Malaysia, Brunei, Dubai ...

You may be in trouble if you do not know the rules after coming to Muslim countries.


The dress code, especially for women in Muslim countries is quite strict. Therefore, no matter which outfit you choose, it is also important to ensure the confidentiality and courtesy. Do not wear T-shirts, shorts, skirts above the knee to sacred places or residential areas of indigenous people. However, in tourist areas, you can still be a little comfortable with clothes that are not too revealing.

Dress discreetly and politely in public places when visiting Islamic countries.


It is a tourist attraction that attracts a large number of tourists but not everyone knows the minimum rules before entering. You may be invited outside if the clothes are not serious. In some churches, women are given a coat and head covering to cover. Everyone must remove shoes, hats, wash their hands and feet, and wipe their faces before entering the cathedral.

One principle to be followed is not to touch the Koran or to take pictures and to avoid going in front of believers while they are praying. Thursday and Friday are the two main prayer days in the Muslim country, you should avoid visiting the churches.


Muslim countries abstain from eating pork and dead animals before ritual cutting. In some places, they also abstain from flying birds, animals that have just lived on land or eaten raw meat and omnivores (such as dogs, cats, mice, etc.). Drinking stimulants such as alcohol and beer is also taboo. However, some places still have areas selling these foods and drinks to tourists.

You should also pay attention to the fasting month of Ramadan. Depending on each year, Ramadan is determined on a specific day. At this time, Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. So if you travel here this month, you should avoid eating and drinking in front of them.

Malaysia - one of the Muslim countries attracts many tourists from Vietnam.

Left hand

In some Muslim countries, the left hand is not clean and should use only the right hand to do sacred and important things. Therefore, you should avoid holding food or ceremonies with your left hand. When giving gifts or holding food, you can use both hands, the left hand under the right hand support.

Using the index finger to point is also a taboo. Instead, use the thumb of your right hand and the other 4 fingers to grip tightly below.


If invited to Muslim families, don't be surprised if you and your opposite sex friend have to eat separately because sometimes women can't have meals with men. Even if you are a husband and wife, you should not express your love too publicly in crowded places such as hugging, kissing, shoulders ...

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