Secrets about world famous destinations

To capture the famous painting of Mona Lisa, you will have to spend a lot of effort to squeeze, and many visitors have lost interest because Pisa tower is less inclined.

Sweating to capture the Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is owned by the government and is now on display at the Louvre in Paris, France. This is one of the most famous masterpieces in the world, attracting a lot of attention from visitors to the museum. Anyone who comes here wishes to take this picture in person, so that the phenomenon of jostling and pushing takes place regularly and not everyone can easily take a picture.

The famous Mona Lisa painting is always surrounded by many tourists.

Can touch everything in Pompeii

While the Mona Lisa is strictly protected and visitors can only stand from afar, when coming to Pompeii - the ruins of a partially buried Roman state near Napoli, Italy, you can be at ease touching, touching everything.

You can freely touch everything when you come to Pompeii.

Salt in the Dead Sea hurt

Salt in the Dead Sea has very salty and abundant concentrations, so before going to the beach here visitors should not waxing limbs or shaving your face. The salty sea water will definitely make those places red and painful.

Dead sea is rich in salt, which can make your hands and feet feel sore and painful.

The Tower of Pisa stops tilting

Under the relentless effort of the Italian government, the Leaning Tower of Pisa was intervened to prevent further subsidence and inclination. This makes many visitors unhappy, but the number of visitors coming here to visit is still increasing.

Leaning Tower of Pisa - the symbol of Italy.

Iguaza Falls is not always romantic

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Iguaza doesn't always have the dreamy and attractive beauty. On rainy days, the water at the foot of the waterfall is also opaque and colored like ... coffee water.

Iguaza Waterfall is murky.

It's not easy to see 'The Last Supper'

The Last Supper is one of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces in the dining room of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. However, not everyone can enjoy this masterpiece. To be able to have a visit, you must book two months in advance and are only allowed to stay watching for 15 minutes.

The famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci is in the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Do not take photos at the Sistine Chapel

When coming to Sistine, Vatican, visitors will have to strictly follow the regulations of not taking pictures. This is the most famous chapel in the Apostolic Court, the official residence of the pope.

Photos are not allowed in the Sistine chapel

It is difficult to take a picture alone at the Trevi Fountain

This is one of the world famous attractions, attracting a large number of tourists. So it will be extremely difficult if you want to take a picture here that only shows your face and does not have any visitors.

It is difficult for visitors to take a picture of themselves at the Trevi fountain.

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