The Eiffel Tower welcomes guests back from the end of June

The Eiffel Tower was resumed after three months of stopping to welcome guests between Covid-19, the longest closing time since World War II.

The Eiffel Tower management announced that the landscape would reopen, with adjustments to public health and safety measures. Visits are limited daily, and all visitors age 11 and older are required to wear a mask.

To carry out the social spacing, tourists are temporarily not allowed to use the elevator but must take the stairs. Guests go to the top of the tower from the east column, and down to the west column.

Each floor will restrict guests from concentrating at the same time, and the top floor will remain closed as elevators lead passengers up from the narrow floor to the top of the tower. However, management considered opening the area in the summer, and said it would soon announce the date of online ticket sales again.

Each year, the Eiffel Tower welcomes about 7 million visitors and is one of the places tourists take the most selfie in the world.

Hundreds of protesters gathered around the Eiffel Tower last weekend (June 6) to support the Black Lives Matter movement, accusing the Minneapolis police of causing the death of George Floyd. photo: AP.

The French tourism industry, one of the world's most cosmopolitan countries, suffered heavy losses due to a blockade because of Covid-19, with a series of hotels, restaurants, museums and theaters closed. The Eiffel Tower is one of the destinations that reopens in June, next to the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles ...

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