The restaurant is for 1 guest only

SWEDEN has only one dining table, food is transported to the table by rattan basket and there is no waiter.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the service industry to change. The restaurant was completely closed and mainly operated through home delivery service. Restaurant opening plans have also been postponed. However, the Swedish couple, Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson, came up with the new idea of ​​a restaurant during social isolation - a one-table restaurant.

The restaurant "Bord för en", or "one table restaurant" is located on a field in Ransäter, Värmland, western Sweden. Two people came up with this idea during the process of sending food to Karlsson's parents during isolation. The restaurant only has a table and a chair placed on the meadow about 45 m from their home. Each day, they only accept one guest and there will be no waiters.

Meals will be delivered to the table via a rattan basket and ropes connected from the kitchen window. Photo: Food and Wine / LINDA KARLSSON.

Persson is a skilled cook and he prepares food at his own home. Because some ingredients are not always available, they will depend on the local crop. Therefore, the menu may vary from day to day, but there are always three dishes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some typical dishes include "Råraka" (Swedish mashed potato pie, sour cream, seaweed caviar, sorrel); "Black & Yellow" (carrots, ginger, brown chestnut butter, fried corn chips, solid root ash); and the "Late Summer Days" (blueberries, dairy, beets). Drinks are served by Joel Söderbäck, founder of Tjoget, one of the 50 best bars in the world in 2019.

Main dishes at the restaurant include carrots, ginger, brown chestnut butter, fried corn balls, ashes of roots. Photo: Robbreport / Bord for En.

The cost of eating at the restaurant is arbitrary, decided by the customers. After customers leave, the owner will not touch tables and chairs for 6 hours, and sanitize them. Used guest dishes will also be soaked in a container and washed twice.

The two are planning to open more dining experience services alone, even after Covid-19. "For us, this is the ideal concept for eating. No distractions from society, only you and your food."

The restaurant is located near the Hembygsgården bus stop. From the bus stop, diners can walk by a rope to the dining table. The restaurant officially opened on 10/5.

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