The restaurant must reserve 14 years in advance to serve

You have to wait 14 years to enter the Club 33 restaurant or wait more than 10 years to enjoy the food in Damon Baehrel.

Waiting for half an hour to eat in the restaurant is enough to make the impatient guests angry. However, there are restaurants that keep you waiting for months, even for decades to turn.

Club 33 (California, USA)

Waiting period: More than 14 years.

Founded by Walt Disney, this is one of the most luxurious and expensive places in the world. Club 33 is located in New Orleans square of Disneyland, originally used to entertain investors but then opened to the public in 1967. The cost to enter here is $ 25,000 and the regular fee The year is 10,000 USD a year. In addition, you will have to pay for food and drink, in exchange for having dinner with Mickey Mouse.

For up to 25,000 USD, you still have to wait 14 years to be served. Photo: Doctor Disney

This high price is not only for eating, but you can also get many other benefits such as participating in Disneyland games without having to queue or visit the backstage of the games here. Disney regularly opens its doors to Club 33 subscribers, the last time it was in 2012 with more than 800 people still on the waiting list.

Damon Baehrel (New York, USA)

Waiting period: More than 10 years.

Since opening his own restaurant in 1989, Mr. Damon Baehrel seems to be overwhelmed. The restaurant is located in the basement of Damon apartment in New York (USA) with only 20 seats. Diners will be served organic meals prepared by Damon Baehrel himself.

Guests who want to eat at a restaurant cannot enter the restaurant on their own, instead of booking by email. It is worth mentioning that this email system is only owned by Damon so it is understandable if many guests have to wait until a few years to eat at the restaurant. Since April 2014, this reservation system has been closed, guests have been able to enter the restaurant but depending heavily on whether they were lucky enough to find a seat or not.

Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Waiting time: 3 months.

With a waiting list of 60,000, Noma Restaurant is considered a place where no money will be easy to eat. The restaurant's Rene Redzepi uses only Nordic ingredients to make his famous dish, including sea urchin toast, cod liver with caramel milk, or beef eaten with ant ...

Noma serves strange dishes and is visited by many customers.

Noma regularly tops the list of the world's best restaurants. The restaurant's reservation system only opens on the 6th of each month and receives over 20,000 booking calls.

El Celler de Can Roca (Spain)

Waiting time: 11 months.

Serving traditional Catalan cuisine and the world's best restaurant in 2013, you won't be able to enter El Celler de Can Roca without reservation. The restaurant's reservation system only opens at midnight on the first day of the month, and if you can make a reservation, it will take 11 months to arrive.

To enjoy the chef's dishes at El Celler de Can Roca, you must wait 11 months from the time of booking. Photo: Alamy

Schwa (Chicago, USA)

Waiting time: 3 weeks.

The food in Schwa is considered to be delicious and worth a try. The only way to eat at Schwa is to make a reservation call and leave a voice message. It sounds simple, but Schwa's voicemail is always full of messages, so it's hard for you to place unless someone just left the list.

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