The smallest hotel in the world in Germany

Eh’häusl does not have many rooms when the façade is wider than 2.4 meters, the total floor area of ​​about 53 square meters.

Eh’häusl is a red-painted house in the town of Amberg, (Bavaria, southeastern Germany), holding the Guinness record since 2008 as the smallest hotel in the world, with a total floor area of ​​about 53 square meters. This hotel has a frontage of more than 2.4 meters, sandwiched between two larger buildings. Photo: Alamy.

In the local language, the name of the hotel means the wedding house in the 18th or 19th century. It has been a house owned by a couple since 1728 to circumvent the laws of German marriage in the past. . In the early 18th century, young couples wishing to marry in the city needed to prove their title to land. When married, the owner sold it to another couple. Photo: Uniq Hotels.

Despite its modest size, this hotel is a romantic getaway for couples or couples seeking private space. Inside there is a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a breakfast room and a lobby. Photo: Uniq Hotels.

The hotel features a flat-screen TV, small spa, fireplace and comfy lounge chairs. Photo: Michael Rehle / Reuters.

Today, leading architects have upgraded hotel interiors to create a more luxurious and modern space. Photo: Michael Rehle / Reuters.

An overnight stay here costs 240 Euro. Renters can use the entire hotel. Photo: Michaela Rehle / Reuters.

Room rate is inclusive of a breakfast. Photo: Pauli Startup.

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