The temple has the third largest reclining Buddha image in the world

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram is a famous temple in Penang Island, northwestern Malaysia, with the third largest reclining Buddha image in the world, 33 meters long.

On the path of Lorong Burma in Penang there is a Thai Buddhist temple named Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram. Built in 1845, the pagoda is maintained and is the Buddhist heart of Penang. Although the name is long and difficult to remember, most visitors find it interesting to hear the locals call the temple the Sleep Buddha.

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram is located at 17 Lorong Burma, 10250 Geogretown, Penang, Malaysia. The temple is open daily from 7am to 6pm, the main hall is open 8am to 5pm. There is no charge for visiting the temple. Photo: Phan Ngoc Hanh.

From the gate, you will come across a large yard, you will see two statues of Naga with yellow, green and iridescent stones, winding on both sides and running to the front of the main hall with the meaning of connecting the earth to heaven. Street. Besides, there are two great guardian deities with a fierce facial expression in typical Thai architecture.

To pay their respects, before entering the main hall, everyone had to remove their shoes and place them neatly in front of the yard. When stepping inside, many tourists were surprised at the giant reclining Buddha image with a relaxed face. The surrounding area is a multitude of standing Buddha statues, sitting with different styles.

On the walls are inlaid with hundreds of small Buddha statues. All create the majesty and peace for Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram. After sightseeing the temple, people and tourists often offer glassed glass candles on the Buddha to pray for peace and good luck.

The third largest reclining Buddha image in the world. Photo: Phan Ngoc Hanh.

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